Presidency of Benin

A Republican police officer tried to rape a married woman in the Ouémé department, informs a source. The scene took place on Thursday 7 November.

On several occasions, the agent in question allegedly made advances to the lady in question. But, respectful of her marital bed, she has always refused to accept the advances of the officer who does not see “s3xe workers”. This Thursday, the husband of the policeman’s coveted , an administrative vehicle driver, went to the Mono with his boss. Certainly having obvious information about the movement of the house owner, the agent invited himself into someone else’s wife’s room to commit his crime.

It was then that the resistant woman opposed it by shouting loudly. The neighborhood was alerted, the policeman was caught red-handed. The cop’s commissioner is called upon to see the damage himself. From sources close to the police station, the Commissioner has already sent a request for an explanation to the police officer, who will have to respond shortly. The file can be placed on the table of the Republican Police General Director who will take the necessary decision. Already, the agent is threatening the lady and her husband with death, according to the same sources.


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