Fikira, Beninese singer©BWTV

In an exclusive interview with BENIN WEB TV, Beninese singer Fikira and member of the trio “Apouké” made a thorough analysis of the myth of the artistic manager in Benin. In that interview, the singer denounced the confusion that some managers create around Beninese artists.

In recent days, Beninese artist Fikira has published a series of texts on social networks entitled “The Myth of the Artistic Manager“. Through this initiative, the artist intends to highlight the unspoken aspects of the management profession. For him, a manager is nothing more than a salesman who brings supply and demand together. “But when the different responsibilities in the cultural sector are not mastered, there is a great confusion and everyone benefits from it,” he denounced. For him, managers impersonate promoters and organize events and or direct artists. “What is not fair, the artist has an exclusive right over his work that is enforceable against everyone,” he explained.

In his statements on BENIN WEB TV, the singer Fikira did not hide behind the confusion that managers around Beninese artists create, according to his words: “I find it very difficult to see that customers, to talk to producers like us, prefer to talk to our sales representatives, which is not fair, it is we who send (mandate) our sales representatives. It bothers me a lot for example when I see in the corridors of the ministry, the managers with the minister, organizing things, I’m not against it but it doesn’t suit the artist” he will denounce. With a very relaxed look, he invited the managers to avoid taking the place of the artists: “The artist needs the space around him to be able to take initiatives. Give space to the artists, stop the confusion, stop filling the places that are not yours”.


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