Benin - Electoral violence: what Patrice Talon thinks of Prudence Amoussou situation Prudence Vioutou Amoussou died during the protests recorded on 1st and 2nd MAY 2019 in Cadjèhou. Photo: Google ( Leetchi)

In the rank of the deceased, there is the case of Lady Prudence Vioutou Amoussou revolts many people. Amnesty International has made this a personal matter in recent weeks. In an interview with FIR and France 24 yesterday Thursday 7th November, Patrice Talon revisited the case of Prudence Amoussou, which he finds moving.

President Patrice Talon acknowledged that there were 04 deaths during the violent demonstrations linked to the parliamentary elections of 28 April 2019. With regard to the case of Lady Prudence Vioutou Amoussou, the Head of State believes that it is moving; but he cannot separate it from the other cases. “Although it is regrettable, it is not my responsibility to say that this victim, who is certainly moving, is enough to crystallize all the attention forever,” he said.

According to Amnesty International, the woman died from a bullet to the back. But President Patrice Talon says he has received the conclusions of the investigations and makes hypotheses about the real causes of this tragedy. “Didn’t it happen by mistake? Wasn’t the response misdirected? We need to be able to identify who did it, how it was addressed so that someone could be shot down,” he wondered.


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