Patrice Talon, president of Benin Republic PH: Presidency of Benin

On Thursday, 7 November 2019, President Patrice Talon gave an interview to RFI and France 24. Among the discussed topics were the electoral violences recorded in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections of 28 April 2019. The head of state deplores what has happened and sets out the responsibilities.

The electoral violence recorded following the disputed parliamentary elections resulted in deaths and material damage. Opposition parties and international organisations have repeatedly called for an official assessment of the human damage. Yesterday President Patrice Talon acknowledged that there were about 4 people killed.

According to him, what happened is everyone’s responsibility, but he emphasizes the action of a small group of people who took to the streets with weapons. He mentioned in particular the case of hunters who, in his opinion, had used firearms. According to Patrice Talon, a response to this state of affairs was needed to restore order.


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