Benin: unfinished mission for Victor Topanou after the political dialogue and the revision of the constitution

In Benin, the parliamentary elections of 28 April 2019 led to a political crisis marked by violent clashes between police forces and civilians. Speaking again on this crisis, Professor Victor Topanou believes that the government and the opposition were all responsible for this situation.

Victor Topanou is one of those who have worked hard to resolve the political crisis caused by the organisation of the exclusive elections. Through forums and an open letter addressed to the Head of State, the academic drew everyone’s attention to the dangers facing Benin if the exclusive legislative elections were to pass.

Today, Victor Topanou thinks that if his call had not been heard it was because of the up to the muddle observed on both sides. “You remember that I had proposed all kinds of solutions, even the use of Article 68, to prevent this from happening. But, the extreme exhaustion of both sides did not make it possible to avoid the crisis,” he told Precise Event.

Victor Topanou tackles the movement and opposition

According to the academic, his solution concerning Article 68 of the Constitution had not been adopted because “in the presidential camps, the President was advised not to use this essential provision of our Constitution, even to the point of denying the crisis”, he said.

In the opposition ranks, Victor Topanou identifies two positions that did not also help to resolve the crisis. According to him, “there were, on the one hand, those who, out of ideological conviction, worked for the “ decay of the State ” and, on the other hand, those who were convinced, rightly or wrongly, that only the language of violence could lead the regime to capitulate”.


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