Honourable Sèdami Medegan Fagla at the installation of the 8th legislature photo: Sèdami Medegan Fagla (Facebook Page)

The Honourable Sèdami Medegan Fagla gave his opinion on the adoption of Act No. 2019-40 revising Act No. 90-032 of 11th December 1990 on the constitution of the Republic of Benin. According to MP Sèdami Medegan Fagla, it took a “republican lucidity” by Patrice Talon and a “patriotic courage” of the deputies.

The 8th legislature now has to its credit the first constitutional revision of the Basic Law since its adoption on 11 December 1990. Believing that it was for the good of the country, she did not hesitate to carry this weight. According to the elected representative of the 15th electoral district, this constitutional amendment is made “to guarantee future generations their interests which are not disconnected from those of current generations…”

For the member, she and her colleagues had to overcome a lot before they could complete this project, which dates back to the time Patrice Talon came to power. “…we, members of the national representation, have shown patriotic courage to defy the usual resistance to the revisionist question, to be insulted by supporters of immobilism dominated by an infertile conservative spirit…”, she said in a message on her Facebook page.

Reminder of some of the innovations introduced

The Honourable Sèdami Medegan Fagla did not fail to recall some key points of the law amending the Constitution. It cites, among other things, positive discrimination in favour of women, the creation of the Court of Auditors, and the institutionalization of traditional chieftaincy.



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