Zimbabwe: Five dead and several injured in a serious traffic accident in Harare

On Saturday 2 November 2019, Adjimon A., allegedly responsible for the death of a Republican Police officer in Azowlissè district, was neutralized. According to police sources, the concerned person opened fire first on the officers of the Republican Police, who immediately responded.

The Republican Police have just brought down Mr Adjimon A. Recognized as one of the major criminals in the Azowlissè borough; police sources indicate that he is also a major criminal. He is also accused of being the perpetrator of the assassination of Police Officer Adjovi previously in service at Azowlissè Police Station.

Caught in the vice of the Republican Police this Saturday morning, he opened fire in an attempt to scar. But that was without the determination of Soumaila Yaya’s men who quickly responded. A response that was fatal to him because he did not last long in the fire exchanges.


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