Professor Simon Narcisse Tomety Photo: BENIN WEB TV

The honorary president of the party of the Cauri forces for an emerging Benin (fceb), can return calmly to his home country. President patrice talon during the interview he granted this Thursday, 7 November 2019 to colleagues from France 24 and RFI reminded him again. But the former headmaster of the “New Consciousness” school does not seem to be as convinced of the guarantees mentioned and claims that he would be Yayi Boni that he would not return.

Following the government’s spokesman minister who stated on an international channel that former President Boni Yayi is out of any legal proceedings and could return to his country, the chief executive also raised the issue during the dialogue he granted yesterday to France 24 and RFI. When asked about the situation of his predecessor, President Patrice Talon believes that his wish is to see his predecessor return home. To believe it, Boni Yayi is a particular personality in the Beninese socio-political space. In this sense, it must be subject to special treatment.

Is this desire expressed by the President of the Republic to see his predecessor return sincere? In any case, the former president of the School of “New Consciousness”, Professor Simon Narcisse Tomety, remains cautious. To believe him, if he were the concerned person, he wouldn’t be back anytime soon. “If I am President Boni Yayi, I wouldn’t risk returning to Benin for anything in the world,” he said.  The guarantee given to the former head of state to wish him back home does not seem to be sufficient for this academic who aspires to the highest office of the state in 2021. The amnesty law seems to say is not a sufficient guarantee. “What amnesty, are we talking about?” he concludes.


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