As announced with great fanfare, Beninese singers Amir and Nasty Nesta, members of the famous CCC Rnb group, announced on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, the result of their collaboration. But obviously, the two rappers seem to have made this production to tackle rapper Roccah the Chameleon.

In March 2019, Beninese rapper artist Mohamed Traoré, better known as Roccah Le Camléon, responded to a clash with his long-time friend Amir from the CCC label who accused him of taking a zém “motorcycle taxi” while he was in his Mercedes. “The story of ML or zém there, it engages me, I assume, I can take zém as I want, it’s my problem. “Roccah replied to Amir at the microphone of BENIN WEB TV. To the question of whether he is struggling, the artist answers; “what a struggle, whoever sees me… knows that I am not struggling, we live two different realities”. So, he clarifies: “An ML car of your go that you take for a walk, Amir does what, he still lives under his parents’ roof, he does what job? Music we all know that it doesn’t pay here, he’s still going to make two children for someone else’s child”.

Amir and Nasty Nesta tackle Roccah

Three days ago, Nasty Nesta and Amir unveiled an AZ freestyle that responds to Roccah. Through this collaboration, the two rappers develop an original concept with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Far from being an ordinary sound Amir and Nasty insisted on replying to Roccah, his old friend: Go around the city and look at them on Zem,” he introduced. “I learned everything on the job so if you don’t like me it’s your matter, nobody knows what you’re singing so nobody buys your CD. All these MCs are titp (small) I don’t care about aitf (done), they look for me like a G spot because, I am the leader” Can we hear in their freestyle. As if that wasn’t enough, the two Beninese rappers addressed Roccah directly:“, your rap lacks black taste, put some magic in it, I make a big Up in Roccah, put in my ML”.

A lame freestyle? Disappointed fans!

Unveiled on the cotonouboy youtube channel for the past three days, the A-Z freestyle of Nasty Nesta and Amir has been widely commented by fans. And the least we can say is that some fans are disappointed by the performance of the famous Beninese rapper Amir: “Do these people listen to what is being done in other countries?” asked one Internet user. Like him, other Internet users have expressed their disappointment: “For once Amir has on top of Nasty to really assured me”, “it’s not to make fun of me but the sound is terrible. It sounds like a 2002 sound”, “Do you know why Beninese rap is not progressing? Quite simply because no one is ready to tell the truth and to really criticize each other’s work. We prefer to remain hypocritical so as not to get into trouble. That’s why we’ll always be at the same level”, “Sad to see what you’ve done with Beninese rap, you’re apparently no longer in time”.

However, the sound was appreciated by fans who recognize the strength of the CCC group’s tenors: “I validate the clip”; “Good work”; “The OG will remain the OG”, one of the comments reads.


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