Abdoulaye Gounou, Member of the National Assembly. Benoit Koffi

The parliamentary group “Bloc Républicain” (BR) changes hands. It is now chaired by MP Abdoulaye Gounou. He was chosen by his peers following the appointment of Jean-Michel Abimbola to the government.

Deputy Abdoulaye Gounou is now the head of the parliamentary group “Bloc Républicain”. He was chosen on Monday 11 November 2019 during a conclave held between the members of the party. In his mission he will be assisted by the Honourable Benoit Dègla.

Abdoulaye Gounou thus takes the place of Jean-Michel Abimbola, who was appointed Minister of Culture at the last reshuffle of the government team. This change comes a few days before the Bloc Republic’s political reopening on 16 November 2019.


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