Ph : Grizmann and Messi-Eurosport

At a press conference on Friday, Barça coach Ernesto Valverde acknowledged the difficulties between Lionel Messi and Antoine Grizmann. The connection between the two players is not good on the green rectangle.

After four European Cup matches, Messi and Grizmann exchanged only 18 passes. On Wednesday, in the Champions League match against Slavia Pragues, Pulga found the post instead of Grizmann who was in a good position to score. This further reinforced suspicions of a difficult connection between the two players.

Speaking to the press on Friday, 8 October 2019, on the eve of the Celta’s reception at Nou Camp, Barça technician Ernesto Valverde simply confirmed rumours of a poor connection between Lionel Messi and Antoine Grizmann: “We talk about it a lot and it’s easier than it sound. I understand that Griezmann is used to a game a little different from ours. Atletico has players who, when they get the ball back, try to play behind their backs. Anyone who makes a call needs a pass,” said the Catalan technician, who calls on French to be patient in order to adapt well to Barça’s game.

“In our case, we’re trying to develop something extra. We have to wait to take the time to pick up and make the call. Griezmann is generous in this and we must find this time to do so. Griezmann has to get used to picking up, and his partners to finding him. Neymar also had that the first year, because it’s difficult, but when you find the right agreement, the collective turns. “, he concluded.


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