Angelina Jolie: Bitter experience since her separation from Brad Pitt

Three years after their divorce, actress Angelina Jolie is already suffering the consequences of her separation from Brad Pitt. 

Angelina Jolie was blocked by her ex-husband Brad Pittt. Because of their divorce, the actress can no longer live her life as she sees fit. Very angry, Angelina Jolie confided in the columns of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “I would love to live abroad and I will do so as soon as my children are 18 years old. My favorite place is a place I’ve never been before. I like to be left in the middle of something new. I enjoy being out of my element,” she explained. She would like her children to grow up in the world, not only to learn but also to live it and have friends all over the world. But for the moment she is stuck her ex-Brad Pitt: “I have to live where their father chooses to live”.

According to Closer, the actress will be able to count on her children to encourage her in her adventure. “My children know me, and they help me to find myself and accept me. They have been through a lot. But I learned from their strength. As parents, we encourage our children to accept who they are, and to know that everything they feel in their hearts is right. And so, when they look at us, they wish us the same thing,” she said.


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