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In the last few hours, pictures of actress Angélina Jolie that she took for the December/January issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine have set the web on fire. Reason: the very sublime actress posed naked.  

Angelina Jolie, born  4th June 1975 in Los Angeles, is an actress, director, scriptwriter, producer, model, philanthropist, writer and ambassador of American-Cambodian goodwill. She has received three Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Film Oscar. This time, she is posing for the American version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine in December 2019 and January 2020. According to the Closer Mag site that relayed the information, the shots taken by the photographer Solve Sundsbo revealed the naked actress.

We could see in these pictures, Angelina Jolie wrapping herself in a white tulle sheet. Hair tied in buns and nude face, and sensual curves. All this shows his tattoos but also his scars. She was keen to clarify this: “My body has been through a lot, especially in the last four years, and I now have both visible and invisible scars as evidence”.

Angelina [email protected]ØLVE SUNDSBØ
Angelina Jolie- Cause célèbre. Bague Bulgari [email protected]ØLVE SUNDSBØ
angelina-jolie-Rêver en rouge. Maillot de bain Hermé[email protected]ØLVE SUNDSBØ


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