About twenty Turkish tanks destroyed by the LNA in Misrata, Libya @France24

Kalifa Haftar forces, the Libyan National Army (LNA), reported on Tuesday that they had destroyed 19 Turkish armoured vehicles arriving through the port of Misrata, controlled by the government by national agreement recognized by the United Nations.

“On the evidence of accurate information, a Turkish commercial ship carried 19 armoured vehicles… which is a further violation of the UN arms embargo,” said an NLA official. According to a statement, the pro Haftar Air Force targeted these vehicles and destroyed them the very day they arrived. “The targeting resulted in huge explosions due to the weapons and missiles it contained in addition to the vehicles. Our planes have returned safely to their bases,” the statement said.

The LNA launched an offensive in April with the aim of seizing Tripoli from fighters loyal to the GNA. Libya has been in chaos since the NATO-supported uprising that overthrew and killed leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The Battle of Tripoli, which stopped on the ground after the initial advances of the NLA, killed more than 1,000 people and about 120,000 others displaced, according to the UN.


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