The constitutionalist Juste Codjo already fears crises that could turn Benin upside down. He gives the alert and invites everyone to think about it to avoid the worst.

For the lawyer, when talking about the next municipal elections, we must bear in mind the number 62. This figure corresponds, he explains, to the number of mayors that must never be allowed to be held by the break-up regime. The reason is quite simple. If, under the new electoral laws, no party has succeeded in collecting at least 16 signatures from elected officials (mayors and/or deputies), it cannot be a candidate in the presidential election. However, all MPs are committed to the cause of the break-up until Patrice Talon leaves office.

Under these conditions, the only way to enable even one opposition party to run for the 2021 presidential election is to have 16 mayors. Sixteen out of 77 gives 61. But if, by extraordinary circumstances, the current regime manages to have 62, it is because the opposition will end up with fifteen elected representatives. With regard to this issue, the constitutionalist believes that the 2020 municipalities, if we are not careful, will generate more tensions than the 2019 legislative elections. As if to say, whoever travels far must be careful with his horse. Since “peace is only guaranteed to peoples who know how to anticipate”, he concluded his reflection.


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