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In class, sexuality classes teach us that to make a baby, a sperm must meet an egg nestled in one of the fallopian tubes. We can therefore deduce that if there is no penetration, no meeting between the sperm and the egg is possible and that there can be no fertilization to talk about pregnancy. But a specialist tells us otherwise.

To get pregnant, you must have sex between a man and a woman. So we can talk about penetration. But can we get pregnant without penetration? The answer to this question is yes according to Professor Patrice Lopez, gynaecologist-obstetrician at the University Nantes hospital. For him, some women get pregnant without penetration.

For the specialist an external ejaculation can be a source of pregnancy. He explains it in these words: it is “a vulvar ejaculation. That is to say, the ejaculation took place in the vulva. The sperm then travel up to the level of the uterus. “In fact, semen, once on the woman’s sex (vulva, small or large lips) can then flow into the vagina, until it reaches the egg. And if after intercourse, the man’s or woman’s fingers carry traces of semen, they can carry the sperm if they are placed on the walls that can give him access. This means that as soon as a woman’s sex comes into contact with semen, there is a risk of getting pregnant, even if it is external. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the pre-ejaculatory liquid does not contain sperm or not enough to induce pregnancy.

Hymen intact and pregnant

According to the CAMINTERESSE information site, Professor Patrice Lopez, obstetrician-gynaecologist, states that it is therefore quite possible that a woman who still has her hymen can get pregnant without being penetrated: “I once had a patient who had her hymen intact, therefore anatomically virgin, and yet was pregnant,” says Patrice Lopez. But this is not a problem for the future pregnancy, the child or the mother, as long as the hymen is permeable.

Let us remember that not all women have the same hymen. Some are flexible, others are thick. Sometimes doctors are forced to perforate some women’s hymen. These do not have a “permeable hymen”.


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