Useful to know: five reasons why strong women prefer to be alone

Generally speaking, strong women prefer to be alone rather than in the company of a fool. If some women prefer to form a couple to please society, strong women believe in themselves and allow themselves to move forward, to counterbalance all taboos in order to affirm their existence and move the world forward. There are several reasons for their determination according to topsante.

She keeps her promise: The strong woman understood that action is more praiseworthy than speech. Over time, she realizes that broken promises are the prerogative of cowardly people who lack honesty.

She doesn’t waste time with a man who doesn’t deserve her: The strong woman knows that she won’t waste a minute of her time with a coward who will promise her castles in Spain, without ever keeping her word. She will not spend her time hoping that he will bring her out of the darkness but she will bring her own light to her life and light her way while being free and happy.

She channels her own energy: The strong woman takes advantage of her free time, channels her energy and never lets a man take the opportunity to monopolize her. She knows what she is worth, what she deserves and will give her time to the one who really needs it, to the one who will know her true value and appreciate her for who she really is.

She is happy even alone: The strong woman does not make marriage or the couple relationship a priority. She has understood that it is sometimes important to be alone in life, in order to find oneself, to understand one’s desires and to enjoy all the pleasures, free from all constraints and prohibitions. She will not let others pump her energy, which she has struggled to build.

She wants a man who makes her grow: The strong woman is open to love, without being in search of it. She does not want a one-way love but a love of sharing. She needs a man who will bounce her up and bring her up, instead of pushing her down. A man with whom she will grow and flourish.

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