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On Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, Benin managed to defeat Guinea at the Lat Dior stadium in Thiès, Senegal, and qualified for the quarterfinal phase. But Moussa Latoundji will no longer be able to count on two key figures in his troupe.

Two goals, one before the break signed by Gaston Houngbédji and another by Jérôme Bonou in extra time, were enough to give Benin’s national team victory in their 2019 Ufoa Cup opening match against Guinea. Marcellin Koukpo was the man of the match, after which Benin unfortunately lost two players. Indeed, Saliou Idrissou and Bawa Fadil will no longer be able to continue the adventure. These two local players were injured. It is therefore a hard blow for the Benin Squirrels who must cross the spikes with the Lions of Teranga in the 1/4 final.

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