Turkish President Recep Erdogan rejected the extension of the ceasefire in Syria sought by french President Emmanuel Macron.

The (truce) process concluded by the Americans and Turks ends today at 22:00 (19:00 GMT). And Turkish President Recep Erdogan does not intend to extend the ceasefire as his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron wanted to do with Russia.

“I have not received such a proposal from Macron. Macron is meeting terrorists and he has chosen this method to communicate the terrorists’ proposal to us,” said Turkish President Emmanuel Macron, after underlining in a telephone conversation on Monday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “the importance of the extension of the ceasefire” which expires tuesday evening in northeastern Syria.

For President Recep Erdogan, the military offensive launched since 9 October in northern Syria controlled by the Kurds, will resume with deep determination in case the promises made by the Americans are not respected: “The military operation will resume “with greater determination” in the absence of a Kurdish withdrawal, announces Recep Erdogan quoted here.

“The (truce) process ends today at 22:00 (19:00 GMT). If the promises made by the Americans are not kept, the operation will resume with greater determination,” Erdogan said before leaving for Russia, where he will meet Vladimir Putin.


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