Tunisia: towards the release of Nabil Karoui (Justice)

The Tunisian judicial authorities have decided to release presidential candidate Nabil Karoui, who was imprisoned shortly before the start of the campaign for the first round of voting. He could not campaign but came second in the first round.

A few days before the second round of the Tunisian presidential elections, the justice system decided on 9 October to release the candidate, Nabil Karoui. Several times rejected by the country’s Court of Appeal in its previous applications for release, he could be released within the next few hours.

In a Tweet posted by his party “In the heart of Tunisia”, the platform said “Nabil karoui endly free “. Placed in preventive detention on 23 August, the businessman has been prosecuted since 2017 for money laundering and tax evasion. The date of his arrest, 10 days before the start of the campaign, raised questions about the instrumentalization of justice and ultimately reinforced the climate of mistrust of part of the population towards institutions, says RT.

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