The Turkish army has started his offensive on Syria (SDF)

While Turkey has announced that everything is ready for a major military operation in northern Syria, Kurdish forces (SDF) occupying the region have indicated that the Turkish army is attacking one of its positions near the border, reports Al Jazeera.

“The Turkish army is shelling one of our points on the #SereKaniye border with Turkey,” the SDF said in a message published on Twitter, referring to the key border town of Ras al-Ain. “No one was injured in our forces. We did not react to this unprovoked attack. We are ready to defend the people and inhabitants of NE #Syria,” the tweet added.

Ras al-Ain was one of the places from which American troops withdrew on Monday, according to the syrian Human Rights Observatory based in United Kingdom. Following Turkey’s announcement to conduct a military operation in the region,United States decided to withdraw its troops, thus throwing the Kurds into the hands of the Turks. However, Donald Trump said earlier today that his country would not abandon the Kurds. It should be noted that the Kurds and Turkey are long-standing enemies, but the USA is allied with the Kurds in the Euphrates to fight EI.

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