Benin: The key points to remember from the State budget for the 2020 year Photo:Bénin web tv

The Novotel Orisha Hotel in Cotonou was the setting for the government-technical and financial partners (TFP) review of the implementation of the Growth Programme for Sustainable Development (PC2D) on tuesday 8 october 2019.

The review of the implementation of the growth agenda for sustainable development took place today in Cotonou. It is a high-level conclave that was attended by several members of the government and technical and financial partners, Heads of Diplomatic Missions and Representatives of International Organizations. The organization of this review by the Beninese government is an expression of its commitment to the principle of accountability to which it has subscribed.

For the Minister of Economy and Finance, Romuald Wadagni, this meeting enabled the government to discuss with the technical and financial partners (TFPs) the performance recorded in 2018 in the implementation of the actions selected in the Growth Programme for Sustainable Development. Indeed, since its adoption on 21 March 2018, the government has organised the inaugural review of the PC2D on 19 December 2018 and has committed itself to organising the first review of its implementation in 2019. The Minister of Economy and Finance, who welcomed the results obtained for the first year of this programme, stressed that the discussions resulting from these meetings could also help to furnish the exchanges during the study of the draft general State budget in Parliament in the coming days.

For his part, the co-president of United Nations System in Benin, Siaka Coulibaly, Lead Partner of the Technical and Financial Partners, thanked the government for its willingness to continue the dialogue with the TFPs, which augurs well for the success of this important programme. Minister Abdoulaye Tchané, who opened the review, recalled some positive aspects of the programme. “In 2018, in economic terms, the performances recorded put the growth rate at 6.7% compared to 5.7% in 2017.


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