Clasico Real Madrid vs [email protected]

FC Barcelona will host Real Madrid in the Spanish class on Saturday 26 October at Camp Nou. But following the violence linked to the Catalan independence crisis, Liga leaders and the two clubs are trying to find a way out of the match.

The two rival clubs of the Spanish championship will deliver the first clasico of the 2019-2020 season to Camp Nou in the city of Barcelona. But a politico-judicial event has just turned the plan of this meeting, which is considered to be one of the most high-profile in the world, upside down. Spanish courts have sentenced Catalan independence leaders arrested or exiled to harsh sentences. This has outraged the supporters of the latter who have been demonstrating unceasingly in the Catalan regions for several days. These recurring events do not guarantee Barcelona’s security within ten days of the match.

To this end, the leaders of the championship propose that the lane phase of the clasico be played in Madrid and the return will be in Barcelona. An option that both clubs reject. For Real, this change will change his schedule. The club proposes simply to postpone this first meeting. Until a palliative or definitive solution is found, independence activists continue to challenge the police in the main cities of the region. While calling for calm, Catalan independence president Quim Torra explained that it is “normal to protest against an unfair and aberrant sentence“. The fate of the clasico is therefore suspended at the will of the demonstrators.


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