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The Royal Spanish Football Federation has postponed the Barça-Real clasico to a later date due to the tense demonstrations in Catalonia. Real and Barça agreed to play this game on 18 December 2019. LaLiga, for its part, is requesting a postponement to 4 December.

Following the postponement of the clasico, the Spanish FA has asked Barça and Real to agree on a date before next Monday. Otherwise, it would take its own measures and set a date for the shock. Thus, Barça, through a statement proposed that the clasico be postponed to Friday 18 December. A proposal that met with the approval of the Casa-Blanca authorities.

But La Liga is trying to impose his veto. Indeed, in a letter to the Spanish Football Federation, President LaLiga de Fútbol Profesional, Javier Tebas, asked that the Clasico be played on Wednesday 4 December at 9pm: “These are things that filter. They say it’s the federation that says that, but I don’t think the federation is proposing dates. The one who will have to decide will be the competition committee. We are talking about the date of December 18 when there are King’s Cup matches scheduled for that date. This day is not possible”, says Javier Tebas, who adds in the press release: “I ask the RFEF Competition Committee to agree to choose 4 December 2019 as the date for Barcelona-Real Madrid, corresponding to the 10th day of the championship”.

All this regardless of the opinions of the two clubs and in the understanding that it is LaLiga’s duty to ensure (and not to the clubs or the Federation) that the revenues obtained by marketing the audiovisual rights of professional competition are maximized,” the statement continued.

Playing the clasico on December 4 would limit the financial gap related to television rights according to LaLiga. It remains to be seen whether the federation will agree to the proposal of LaLiga or that of Barça and Real.


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