Senegal: Sadio Mané’s warnings to Brazilians before their match

Brazil and Senegal will face each other on thursday 10th october 2019. As a prelude to this upcoming Lions game, Sadio Mané warned the Brazilians.

In an interview with Stades newspaper, Senegalese footballer Sadio Mané, who is currently in Singapore, spoke about the Lions’ upcoming game against Brazil. Senenews said that while the Seleção were the favourites to win the game according to the Bookmakers, the Teranga Lions star warned the Brazilians.

“This is a good test match for us. Since we are improving, this match against Brazil will allow us to determine our level of play. It’s one of the best teams in the world. We’ll be ready to give the best of ourselves.

Personally, I try to work on all levels and try to raise the national flag to the highest level in the world,” said Liverpool player Sadio Mané.

During this first meeting between Brazil and Senegal at Singapore’s National Stadium at 12:00pm, the Lions have the means to create a surprise, especially thanks to the presence in their ranks of Sadio Mané, who showed up for training on monday.

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