Senegal: Abdoulaye Wade returns to the presidential palace after 7 years

Senegalese President Macky Sall is currently receiving a visit from his predecessor Abdoulaye Wade to the presidential palace.

At the invitation of Macky Sall, former Head of State Abdoulaye Wade made the trip to the Presidency Palace on Saturday 12 October 2019. Scheduled for 12 noon according to the PDS press release, it was only on that evening that Macky Sall had the pleasure of seeing his guest in white, honoring the appointment, treading the red carpet prepared for the occasion. The Pope of the Sopi thus resumed the presidency 7 years after having handed it over to Macky Sall.

Abdoulaye Wade est arrivé au Palais, accueilli par Macky Sall (photos)

The two politicians are currently in court. The main topics of Senegalese political news will be examined during this meeting as well as other topics.


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