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Rwanda never ceases to surprise the whole world not only in his reforms, but also in his development policy. This time, the country has just broken a record for  women representation  in the parliament.

67.5% of Rwandan MPs are women. A world record that only the country holds. In fact, out of the 80 members of the Rwandan parliament, women hold 54 seats, leaving only 26 for men. According to Taarifa News, the new world record for women’s representation in parliament has reached. This representativeness is almost twice as high as that required by the United Nations, which, together with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, requires a minimum threshold of 30% for women representation.

Ghana has 36 women in the Parliament, representing 12.75%. Rwanda has increased his female representation in Parliament, beating his own current world record by 64%. The new record was revealed on tuesday after the National Electoral Commission announced the results of the 3th september parliamentary elections.


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