Vladimir Poutine et Ben Salman, président russe et le prince héritier [email protected] independant

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Monday 14th october. With the Saudi authorities, it will mainly be black gold and tensions in the Gulf.

Received with great pomp at Riyadh airport, the Kremlin’s patron was taken to the royal palace where he had some exchanges with the King while awaiting the official ceremony of honour. According to international press reports, the Russian and Saudi delegations will meet in the evening. They will largely address the issue of oil production and tensions between the Kingdom and Iran. The drone attack on the Aramco oil site killed Saudi production last month.

“We will absolutely work with Saudi Arabia and with our other partners and friends in the Arab world (…) to reduce to zero any attempt to destabilize the oil market,” the head of state said Sunday on the eve of his visit. A key player in international politics, Vladimir Putin has in recent years been close to Riyadh on regulating global oil costs. He also welcomed his good relations with the King and Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salman.


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