Resignation from the White House: Another senior official drops Donald Trump  

US Homeland Security Secretary Kevin Mc Aleenan has dropped off his apron at the White House. On Friday, 11 October, Donald Trump announced the news on tweeter.

Another frame slams the door to the White House. After many departures from the Trump administration, Internal Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan turned his back on the President. “Kevin McAleenan has done a remarkable job as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. We have done a good job, seriously reducing border crossings. Kevin now, after many years in government, wants to spend more time with his family and go into the private sector,” the head of state said on his favorite social network.

The former Secretary, who has held this position for the fourth time since Trump’s arrival, was also pleased with the results achieved during his tenure. “We have made significant progress in strengthening border security and mitigating the humanitarian crisis we have faced this year,” he added. A new appointment is expected next week. In the midst of turmoil, Barack Obama’s successor has separated from six senior officials in his administration since last April. The latest is the controversial resignation of its powerful Secretary of National Security, John Bolton.

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