Rehabilitation of Ganvié: Minister ABIMBOLA is immersed in the progress of the work

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Jean-Michel Abimbola, accompanied by some officials from his ministry, raided the construction sites of pile dwellings on tuesday 8th october 2019, to see the level of progress of the work.

Through the project “Reinventing the Lake City of Ganvié”, this lake area will once again become a tourist attraction. To ensure the level of progress of the work, the Minister in charge of culture, tourism and the arts made a visit to the field. Need I remind you that the project “Reinventing the Lake City of Ganvié” is integrated into the Government Action Programme (GAP) as one of the flagship projects in the tourism sector. This project aims to rehabilitate this locality in order to improve the living conditions of the populations and promote the development of sustainable tourist activities in this region to better sell it as a tourist destination.

Also, in the field, the minister and his entourage met with the head of the company in charge of the works, Marcellin Lokossou. The Minister, who was visibly disappointed with the level of progress of the work and the explanations given to him, invited the site manager to correct the situation. Taking the floor again, he said that before the foundation, there was the pre-manufacturing of the materials, which lasted more than a month; “because it is a new  model construction,” he says. Other technical issues relating to the characteristics and strength of the dwellings and the quality of the materials used were raised by the authority. And for the company “Tropic Zone” to reassure that the Contracting Authority and the AIM Control Office always have their critical eye at each stage of the work. The F3 and F4 houses under construction in the two Arrondissements of the Commune of Sô-Ava will give a new tourist attraction to this locality located 22 kilometres from Cotonou.

At the Abomey-Calavi pier as well as in Ganvié, Minister Jean Michel Abimbola discussed with tourist guides and the local population the importance of the project and reaffirmed the government’s desire to carry it out with the help of technical and financial partners. It should be noted that the project will be carried out in six actions. These are the renovation of housing, comfort facilities, health, education, education and training, environment and fisheries and tourism.

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