Benin - Agriculture: scientific days on cotton and palm oil launched ©Bénin web tv

Three local products will soon be recognized worldwide as part of the second phase of the “Pampig” project, which was launched on Monday, 14th october 2019 in Cotonou.

Three local products, namely: gari “Sohoui” from Savalou, pineapple “Sugar loaf” from the Allada plateau and groundnut oil “Agonlinmi” from the Agonlin plateau, will soon be recognized in Geographical Indications as part of the second phase of the Pampig project, which was launched on monday 14th october in Cotonou, reported the public service daily.

For Ministers Shadya Alimatou Assouman of Industry and Trade and Gaston Dossouhoui of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, these three products, which are in the process of experiencing an increase in their added value, is a good opportunity for the actors in the value chains of these three products. The process leading to the recognition of these products is part of the second phase of the Project to Support the Implementation of Geographical Indications (Pampig 2) led by the African Intellectual Property Organization (Oapi) and supported by the French Development Agency (Afd).


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