Tunisia-Government formation: Nabil Karoui's party in the Prime Minister's Office @RFI

A delegation from the High Electoral Commission (HEC) visited candidate Nabil Karoui, who has been in prison since 23 August. This visit comes a few hours after the official launch of the campaign for the second round of the anticipated presidential election.

Members of the HEC were this Thursday at the civil prison of Mornaguia where the president of the party “In the heart of Tunisia” has been staying since 23 August. According to online Reality , the meeting took place with the candidate in the presence of the director of the prison institution and a representative of the general director of prisons, following official authorization by the investigating judge. Initiated by Asia, this meeting aims to discuss the candidate’s means of campaigning in a peaceful and equally fortunate climate.

After Nabil Karoui, the delegation of the election management body will meet the candidate who came first in the first round, the academic Kais Saied. On the same day, the institution headed by Nabil Baffoun officially launched the campaign for the second round of voting, which will take place on Sunday, October 13. Arrested in a corruption and money laundering case, this media tycoon has had his requests for bail repeatedly rejected by the courts.


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