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Lovers of console games are probably happy, since Sony has just confirmed the release of the playstation 5, which will be released at Christmas in 2020. Another year of waiting and patience.

Six years after the release of the PS4 (on november 2013), Sony has officialy released the PS5 on tuesday 8th october 2019. But to really enjoy this new video game console, it will have to wait until the end of 2020 or more precisely at Christmas next year. According to the RAPRNB website, it was a post by Jim Ryan, president of the Japanese firm SONY, who alerted you: “This information will not surprise you, but we wanted to confirm it to PlayStation fans, as we prepare to reveal more details about our vision of next-generation consoles…. You will get different sensations, so that a car accident does not give the same impression as a tackle on a football field. We want to take immersion to an even higher level.”

Some details about this new product

Although there is no confirmation that this new version of the PS that will be released corresponds to the one made in 3D by the Dutch LetsGoDigital, the American magazine Wired presented some details about the new controller that looks like the DualShock 5 (friends looking closer to the DualShock 4) with a more powerful integrated microphone and especially haptic-type adaptive triggers, able to reflect different sensations according to the game context through a small integrated engine.

For example, the resistance of the L2/R2 buttons can be programmed by the developers according to the desired game experience. The console will also feature an improved audio device, a more powerful SSD hard drive for local game installation, which will significantly reduce game loading times. Above all, it will be possible to install only part of a game.


Does the PS5 respect the environment?

According to reports, the Japanese brand Sony has joined the United Nations initiative (ecology and environment) by announcing that their next console will consume much less than the previous one: “I am also very happy to announce that the next generation of the PlayStation console will include the possibility of suspending its activity with much lower energy consumption than the PS4 […] If only one million users activate this feature, it will save the equivalent of the average power consumption of 1000 American households”. For more details, if the PS4 consumes 8.5 W in standby mode, the PS5 will only consume 0.5 W. But it is the future owners of the console who will have to activate this feature, which is only available as an option.


How much will it cost?

For the time being, no official price has yet been communicated. But according to rumours, the PS5, which will be released in Winter 2020, will be at the same price as the previous one (PS4). It should also be noted that in an interview with the American magazine Wired, the PS5 project manager announced that “the console would be sold at a reasonable price relative to its capabilities”, a price that would “seduce players”. According to reports, a second version of the PS5, (PS5 Pro) would drive up prices.


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