Les troupes turques déployées à Manbij, en Syrie, au milieu de l'offensive en cours à Ankara dans le nord de la Syrie [AP]

The latest developments of the Turkish military operation in Syria reflect the control of the city of Manbij and the fierce fighting there.

According to the Turkish authorities, the army has entered the Syrian city of Manbij and is facing a counter-offensive by the Kurdish forces that control the city. The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced on Tuesday that two soldiers were killed in the Battle of Manbij. The death brings to six the total number of Turkish soldiers killed at the beginning of the movement, according to the ministry. Erdogan also announced the death of 16 Syrian rebel fighters supported by Turkey, reports Al Jazeera.

However, Russia, for its part, announced that Syrian forces had also entered the same city of Manbij and now controlled it, reported the Russian news agency Interfax, citing the Ministry of National Defence. The Syrian army has taken control of the Tabqa military airfield, two hydroelectric power plants and several bridges crossing the Euphrates, said the ministry quoted by Interfax. These developments do not bode well because there is a real risk of clashes between Turkish and Syrian forces on the horizon.


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