Nigerian closure: “It is not a matter of arm wrestling between Nigeria and Benin”, Me Zinzindohoué

Since 20 August 2019, the Abuja authorities have closed some of their land borders. Faced with comments from all sides, Mr. Abraham Zinzindohoué intends to speak for the government of President Patrice Talon to reassure Beninese people. For him, it is much more a question of security and safety than a tussle between the two states.

The closure of some Nigerian borders should not be seen as an arm wrestling match between this eastern giant and the Benin Republic . At least that is the reading of the former Chief Justice, Abraham Zinzindohoué. For this founding member of the “Union Progresiste” party, a political party supporting the actions of the President of the Republic, the leading power in the West African sub-region is fully within its rights by closing its borders. According to Abraham Zinzindohoué, who was received yesterday on a private television channel, this is a question of security and safety.

Contrary to national opinion, the former leader of Benin’s Renaissance Party claims that this is in no way a violation of any text of the Economic Community of West African States. According to him, the two countries need each other and Benin is a very small country next to its neighbour. From an economic perspective, Nigeria has decided to intensify its domestic production, a decision that requires it to protect its economy from manufactured products from Europe and Asia. “It makes economic sense,” he says. This reading of the current situation between Nigeria and Benin is that of the government, says Abraham Zinzindohoué, who reminds us that he is in power. He reassures, to finish on the steps in progress for a very rapid return to a normal situation.

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