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On Wednesday, Lionel Messi received the Golden Shoe for the sixth time and is one step ahead of his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo transfered to Juventus. Following the Golden Shoe ceremony, the Besoccer website revealed the 10 players who are the best in the world according to the Pulga.

Lionel Messi also has his top 10 best players in the world. The legend of Barça unveiled a ranking led by Spain’s central defender and Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos. Cristiano, who is an undisputed rival of the Argentine, finds himself in a surprising position behind Ronaldinho and Sergio Aguero. There are also Bayern’s two legends, Ribery and Robben, who have often given Pulga a hard time. Below are the top 10 players in the world according to Lionel Messi.

Top 10:

10 – Franck Ribery

9 – Neymar

8 – Andres Iniesta

7 – Arjen Robben

6 – Xavi Henandez

5 – Radamel Falcao

4 – Cristiano Ronaldo

3 – Sergio Aguero

2 – Ronaldinho

1 – Sergio Ramos


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