Kylie Jenner @ Luxe Infinity

Kylie Jenner was announced pregnant by her ex-Travis Scott. Faced with this rumour, the young mother of little Stormi broke the silence.

It has been about two weeks since Kylie Jenner ended her relationship with Travis Scott with whom she had a daughter named Stormi. A few days after this break-up, a second pregnancy, Kylie Jenner, was announced. But no, Kylie Jenner is not pregnant with her ex and will not have a second child anytime soon. According to her explanations on her instagram account, she prefers to take the time to take care of her little girl Stormi and digest her break-up with her ex-boyfriend. “I can’t wait to have more children. But I’m not ready now,” she said in a question and answer session with her followers via Instagram.

Since Kylie Jenner does not miss the desire to have a child, she is eager that the youngest billionaire in the world find common ground with her ex-Travis Scott. For their part, fans will have to wait a little while to see their pregnant star again.


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