Johnny Hallyday: Laeticia has been dominating their relationship since 2009 @ Marie Claire

While the Johnny Hallyday inheritance trial is awaiting her next hearing scheduled for November 2019, it is the project to exhume Johnny Hallyday’s grave that is causing talk. On Cyril Hanouna’s Touche pas à mon poste on Tuesday, 8th october  2019, Laeticia Hallyday was violently atomized on C8.

The famous project relating to the exhumation of the tomb of rocker Johnny Hallyday is making a lot of noise. While Laeticia attests to having informed the elders of her deceased husband, David and Laura Smet assure that no. “I informed David and Laura of Johnny’s wishes in november 2017 at the Bizet Clinic. …] To all lies I will impose the truth” said Laeticia on instagram. Even official documents confuse Laeticia’s statements. But who believes in the end? The subject was discussed on the TPMP platform on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. In the show, a columnist violently tackled the 44-year-old widow.

Bernard Montiel tackles Laeticia Hallyday

Bernard Montiel, who has always defended Laura Smet, has attacked Læticia Hallyday: “As for Laura and David, it is true that she says she warned them at the time… You realize, they don’t remember it at all. I don’t see why they would lie. Especially since Laura is not against it. She wanted to be informed. People, they realize after a while that everything she says is weird. Even her father said she was a liar, so…”.

This time, Bernard Montiel will not be alone against Laeticia. According to Gala magazine, Gilles Verdez thinks that the widow is literally losing her last allies: “her communication is totally blurred. Everything she does is blurry. We don’t understand.” He continues: “There, she left in a shockingly open personal reconstruction. Her last supporters are leaving her now. She’ll find herself alone, vilified by all the public. »


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