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Former ivorian National Assembly President Guillaume Soro had his visa to enter the United States cancelled by the american authorities. He thus becomes a “personae non gratta”(unuseful person) in the country. During an event in Spain, he spoke out on the issue by pointing the finger at the Ivorian government.

Guillaume Soro explained why and how his entry visa to the United States was cancelled while it was still valid. “This is a photocopy of my Visa. They gave me one (1) year of Visa. It is expected to expire on 31th october 2019. So I figured I’d go to the United States, or else! But when I announced that I was going to go to the USA, the american Consul General who is sitting in Abidjan called my protocols to tell them that they decided to cancel my visa… But I wanted to go to the United States in September. Why did they cancel my Visa? We tried to find out, but I didn’t know,” said the former rebel leader.

He continued his intervention on the issue by stating that “I have hired an American lawyer. It was the Lawyer who told me that the Visa I obtained on 1st november 2018 is a D-A Visa, that is, a diplomatic Visa. So the Ivorian government has the right to ask the Americans to cancel it.”  Guillaume Soro thus speculated on the probable reasons for this act. “Maybe it’s because I’m no longer President of the National Assembly, to show me that I’m nothing, that’s why they cancelled. Well, if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter, being PAN, it’s God who allows it,“‘one morning you’re PAN, another morning you’re not PAN, another morning you’re Prime Minister, another morning you’re not Prime Minister'”.

Soro declared “terrorist”

His lawyer having “asked for the tourist visa called B1-B2 Visa”, the former Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire has therefore initiated steps to have a Green Passport issued to him like all citizens in order to be able to travel peacefully to the United States. However, his lawyer told him of a very serious problem; “the unidentified individuals went to the American authorities, to make you pass from Terrorist. So they declared you a”Terrorist, the American lawyer told Guillaume Soro.

For the head of the Political Committee all these manoeuvres are put in place “to prevent me from going to the United States.” In addition, Soro claimed that he had taken the same step at the Ivorian embassy in France without success. “I introduced my papers at the Embassy of Ivory Coast in Paris to issue me a green passport, but to this day I see nothing,” he said. It goes without saying that the member for Ferké would be the target of the Ivorian government, which would not want him to move freely around the world.



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