Former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu renounced on Monday the formation of a new government to lead. He made this known in a video posted on his Facebook page.

This is the end of the reign for former head of government Benyamin Netanyahu, who had been playing his political role since the publication of the final results of the legislative elections last September. Faced with his inability to form a coalition with his rival in the Blue-White Party led by Benny Gantz, Donald Trump’s friend threw in the towel. “Not long ago I told the head of state that I was giving up forming a government,” Benyamin Netanyahu said.

This “resignation” of “Bibi” was foreseeable since the two rivals were neck and neck at the end of the legislative elections. The Israeli president will therefore delegate power to Gantz to form the new management team. “The President intends to transfer the mandate to form the government, as soon as possible, to the President of Bleu-Blanc, MP Benny Gantz,” says in a statement from the services of Head of State Reuve Rivlin. After a decade without sharing, Benyamin Netanyahu should leave the business. But this “early retirement” would allow him to make himself available to the courts to answer accusations of corruption brought against him.


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