Iran warns Turkey against “any military operation in Syria” 

As Turkey prepares to invade northern Syria with its army, the Islamic Republic of Iran gives voice.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that Tehran is strongly opposed to any military operation in Syria, reports the Russian agency RT. Iran believes that “the occurrence of such action will not only not put an end to Turkey’s security concerns, but will also result in extensive material and human damage,” the ministry said on his website. Iran “is against any kind of military operation” of this kind, said the ministry quoted by RT.

Last week the Turkish president announced that his troops would enter Syria to “fight terrorists”. He then reported on Tuesday that preparations were completed for a military operation in northeastern Syria after the withdrawal of U.S. troops, Reuters reported. The Americans have begun to repatriate their men from the region despite Kurdish warnings about the potential return of IS. Also, despite protests from congressmen and even some Republicans, Trump persists in bringing his men back from what he calls “a useless and endless war“.

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