Through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammad Jawad Zarif, the Islamic Republic has responded to the violent demonstrations currently taking place in Lebanon. Iran hopes that the Lebanese authorities will succeed in building a better Lebanon. 

Last thursday, a protest movement was born in Beirut following the Lebanese government’s announcement to impose taxes on WhatsApp video calls. Despite the government’s reversal of its decision in the evening, the movement continues to gain ground and demands are expanding. Several countries are making every effort to ensure the safety of their nationals and Iran does not intend to play a low profile role. Hassane Rohani’s country hopes that the Lebanese government and political parties will succeed in building a better Lebanon, taking into account the demands of the people.

For the past 5 days, Lebanese have been demonstrating against corruption and the persistent economic crisis and chronic shortage of electricity and drinking water in the country. It should be noted that Lebanon has also been affected by the economic repercussions of the war in neighbouring Syria since 2011. According to a Lebanese Red Cross assessment, last week, 23 demonstrators were wounded and law enforcement officials reported 60 wounded in their ranks. On monday, Morocco announced the closure of his embassy in Beirut.


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