India: 140 dead in monsoon rain floods

The toll of late monsoon rains in India is increasing by the day. The number of people killed in the flood rose from 111 to 140 on tuesday, 1 october 1.

Local authorities have announced an increase in the number of people who have died in the floods that have hit northern India in recent days. According to figures revealed on Tuesday, 140 people have already died, 29 cases of death added to the 111 previous ones

According to the authorities, during these four days, 111 people were killed in the great state of Uttar Pradesh. 28 others died in the Bihar region due to the “unusually late rains of a monsoon that should have withdrawn from these geographical areas this season”, TVA News reported. The annual monsoon should already end for this year, as it normally lasts from June to September

The information site states that streets in Bihar’s capital, Patna, are overflowing with dirty water.  Some residents were forced to leave their homes in lifeboats. Although the rains have stopped, some areas of the city are still submerged in water and several shops and schools are still closed. A prison in Uttar Pradesh was also flooded with water. About 900 detainees had to be evacuated.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has reported that this year’s monsoon is longer than normal, due to its longer duration than monsoons known since 1994. “Despite the late start of the monsoon season and the largely unpredictable rains during the month of June, seasonal rainfall ended in the higher than normal category,” IMD said on Monday, September 30. In July, about 650 people died in the country, as well as in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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