Hong Kong crisis: Chinese army will intervene if violence continues

Demonstrations in Hong Kong have continued to escalate for several months. On Tuesday, the territorial leader warned that if the violence continued, the army could intervene to restore order.

According to the Morning Star, Carrie Lam warned that the Chinese army could be forced to intervene if the violence “became so serious”, but insisted that the government could resolve the crisis. She also called on foreign critics to realize that these demonstrations, which have been going on for four months in Hong Kong, do not constitute a “peaceful movement for democracy“.

I am still firmly convinced that we should find the solutions ourselves. This is also the central government’s position, according to which Hong Kong should tackle the problem alone, but if the situation were to become so serious, no option could be ruled out if we wanted at least one more chance for Hong Kong,” she said, quoted by Morning Star.

Protests have been launched against the draft extradition law that would have allowed Hong Kong to repatriate persons suspected of serious crimes to the countries where they were allegedly committed for trial. But the leader, under pressure, abandoned the project. However, the demonstrations continued, becoming anti-Chinese riots supported by the United States.

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