Haiti: Kemi Seba calls for a necessary revolt against corrupt elites 

In Haiti, the leader of the Pan-Africanist Emergencies NGO Kemi Seba paid tribute to this nation that inspired many in the fight for political resistance and launched a necessary call for revolt against corrupt African elites.

The struggle for self-determination in Africa, which Kemi Seba has embraced, involves raising awareness and changing the mentality of Africa’s sons and daughters. The leader of the NGO Pan-Africanist Emergencies is well aware of this and adds to it, a call for a necessary revolt against corrupt elites. For Kemi Seba, it is important to fight African elites against development and corruption. In Haiti, Kemi Seba also paid tribute to this nation, which inspired him greatly in the political work of resistance.

Haiti in the middle of a crisis…

Haiti is currently going through an acute socio-political crisis. Demonstrations continue to intensify on a daily basis. Recently President Jovenel Moses called for dialogue and unity and accused the Senate of its inability, he said, to fulfil its constitutional obligations.

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