Ph: Kemi Seba-Benin Espoir

In a direct via his Facebook page on the evening of Tuesday, 15th october  2019, the leader of the NGO Pan-Africanist Emergencies Kemi Seba replied to the French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire who said last week that France is open to “an ambitious reform” of the CFA franc.

The Fcfa has been the subject of heated debate for years. The majority of French-speaking countries frequently index this colonial currency to be an obstacle to the development of their economy. But so far, nothing has changed in substance until ECOWAS announced the arrival of a common currency called Eco. An announcement that undoubtedly woke France from its lair. She announced through her Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, that she is ready to undertake bold and ambitious reforms of the FCFA, which the Member States will have the privilege of defining. If this declaration by France has given rise to renewed hope among some Africans, the same cannot be said for Kemi Seba.

The leader of the NGO Urgneces Panafricanistes and architect of the struggle for the self-determination of Africa sees Bruno Le Maire’s new declaration as an insult to Africa and a provocation of the youth of the black continent who renounce the FCFA: “The French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire comes to spit once again in the face of African youth”, said Kemi Seba.

For him, African youth no longer want the FCFA and even less to be united under the aegis of France: “French President Emmanuel Macron has set up a Presidential Council for Africa (CPA) which is made up of different personalities from civil society, who are in favour of bringing the French oligarchy closer to Africa, who want a renewal of France-Africa relations, but who do not want the fcfa to disappear. But African youth no longer want French Africa,” he said.

According to Kemi Seba, a series of consultations is being organised within the CPA to propose structural changes on the fcfa issue to Emmanuel Macron, whose objective is not to remove France from the FCFA or to stop the fcfa as France is trying to make it appear. The objective? France’s interest: “It is by being in a real epistemological break-up with this monetary system and French-Africa in general and the abandonment of all tendencies and acts related to French neo-colonialism “ndr. that Africa will prosper and free itself from the chains of French Africa.

“No! we don’t want the bold reforms of the FCFA, we want the fcfa to be abandoned. we want an Eco currency that is on a flexible exchange rate tied to a currency basket and we don’t want it to be on a fixed exchange rate tied to the euro…we want the fcfa to disappear”, concludes Kemi Seba.


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