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The Turkish Presidency spokesman said European countries should be grateful to the Turkish army for conducting his”dangerous but important” anti-terrorist operation in north-eastern Syria, reports Yeni Safak.

According to spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, speaking on the German public channel DW, the presence of Turkish soldiers was a guarantee to advance the political process in the country and to protect Syrian refugees. “Our European friends should be grateful to our soldiers for this very dangerous but important work,” he said. He pointed out that the 120-hour break granted last thursday to the withdrawal of YPG/PKK terrorists from the region, agreed with the United States, will not be extended, reports Yeni Safak.

“If this part (the withdrawal) of the mission is completed by tomorrow and we ensure that all YPG terrorists leave the region, then we will stop the operation… as agreed in the joint statement and agreement we have reached with the americans,” the spokesman said. “This operation had two main objectives: the first was to rid this area of terrorists, the second was to allow refugees to return home, so we want to create the conditions that suit them,” he explained.


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