Elizabeth II: here is the trick of her bodyguards to ensure her protection

Ensuring the safety of an individual is often not an easy task, especially when it comes to a high-ranking authority such as Queen Elizabeth II. For all these outings, safety is essential, which is why his bodyguards have found a trick that seems infallible to ensure the sovereign’s safety.

The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms have been led for 66 years by Queen Elizabeth II, who broke the record for the longest reign in English history. Since the sovereign has been at the head of her kingdoms, we can no longer count the number of official outings and/or commitments in which she has participated. Indeed, for all these exits, security measures are taken by these bodyguards to ensure its protection.

According to the Closer Mag information site, to protect Queen Elizabeth II, who saw fifteen prime ministers march past, her men, who are highly paid for this very delicate mission, have put in place a good strategy. The trick found is a letter Code”S” which is written in the press releases and others to refer to the first name”Sharon” which is either a simple and lambda first name or its sovereign title. This will simply mean that if you hear the first name “Sharon” or the letter “S” in the streets of the United Kingdom, you will have to be on guard.

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