Capture vidéo-DJ Arafat

On sunday 20th october 2019, Tina Glamour, DJ Arafat’s mother, accused Olokpatcha of stealing her son property. Shocked by such an accusation, the reaction of DJ Arfat’s faithful companion was not long in coming.

In a video broadcast live on social networks, Tina Glamour called the relatives of her late son, in particular Landry Agban and Olo Kpatcha, thieves who robbed all the Yorobo’s property. Very angry, and touched by the insults of his friend’s mother towards him, Olo Kpatcha published on Instagram an embarrassing vocal note where we clearly hear Tina Glamour curse her son once again and even attack her last daughter Rafna. “Who is Angel Didier? A liar, a manipulator (…) The day I had a stomachache I gave birth alone that day. I curse that day” can be heard in the audio that was later deleted by Olo Kpatcha from his instagram account.

In addition to denying Tina Glamour’s accusations, Olo Kpatcha also sent a message to his best friend. “My brother! Give us the strength from where you are! I know you see everything that’s going on up there. You know who are the real and the fake now! Rest in peace God has already welcomed you to his side. We’ll never forget that! I pray for you and everyone else too. A legend never dies, I love you, my somboy to the death. Respect, champion. Rest in peace Bra” can read in his publication.


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