Ph: Les enfants de Dj Arafat-

The successful sound of the Congolese artist Innoss’B does not leave Dj Arafat’s son Mael Houon indifferent. He was very relaxed about Innoss’B feat Diamond Platnumz’s new version called “Yope”, which has all-round views on YouTube.

Once a mere outsider in the Congolese showbiz game, the young artist Innoss’B has made spectacular progress that has brought him to the forefront of the music scene in his country. From the shadows to the light, the Congolese star has unquestionably made his mark with his new video clip “Yope Remix” featuring none other than the essential star of Tanzanian music, Diamond Platnumz!

Together, the two African stars simply served an egg dish to African music lovers. If this new successful clip is a pleasure for many people, it is nevertheless a musical analeptic for Dj Arafat’s sonMael Houon. Born in the coupé-décalé, Mael Houon showed his dancing skills to the Congolese rhythm of the moment.

The prodigy of popular China entered the “Yope challenge” with the footballer Paul Pogba etc…. on this new musical sound. Enjoy the “Yope challenge” video by clicking on the link below.


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